Panic: we are hanging here​.​.​.


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Hitchhiking through half of Europe, the escape of a Puma and a few other absurd stories lead us eventually to the year 2001, when a band was formed. A band, named after a little town, where some of its story took place. GROOMBRIDGE.

After an EP (2004), two albums (2007 and 2010), a 7-month caravan tour through Europe (2008/09) and a short Tour in China (2011), GROOMBRIDGE set out to write their 3rd album.

Over a period of three years the band was busy producing their album “Customers From Hell” – with every little detail specifically planned and precisely executed. The same excellence was going to be invested into their next project - so the songwriting began.

The same old story… Slowly but surely, the inspiration started to fade away. One day, the bands computer decided to take on that problem, and a clear and unmistakable message appeared on the screen: PANIC! We are hanging here! Unintentionally, and without starting up its whole operating system, the band was shown what they had disregarded. After a 10-year band history, routine held all the strings in its hand. With this revelation in mind GROOMBRIDGE set off to change the good old structures, find new inspiration, and new ways of songwriting. The result: an album with multiple facets. An album that is all about overcoming indispensable circumstances, yet without presenting any universal truths. An honest self-examination: Panic! We are hanging here!


released January 4, 2013

producer: dyle // recorded, editet and additional mixing: dyle // co-produced by christoph steiner & groombridge // mixed by martin ruch, weltschall // mastered by SaschaBusyBühren, // design & artwork: groombridge



all rights reserved


GROOMBRIDGE Burgdorf, Switzerland

This music is nothing for habitual optimists. There are no answers, few happy messages and if you’re looking for contemporary radiomusic, you better look elsewhere. That says a lot about the band that creates this kind of music. These 5 guys write independent songs and narrate stories that are real, close and full of life. ... more


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Track Name: Follower
I am right, when they say I’m right
then I know I’m right, and it feels alright

and I am wrong, when they say I’m wrong
then I know I’m wrong, don’t get me wrong
‘cos I’m a follower

the pressure is on
for the best ones
it’s getting tight
at the top
I twist and turn
I work and learn
I try my best
to eat the rest
cos I’m a follower

my best friends advice
is not to think twice
you got to be fast
if you wanna be first
I won’t waste my time
using my brain
Track Name: Bad With Names
I’ve seen your face before
I know, I know you from somewhere
aren’t you that guy from TV
saying shares would be fine
as long as you win and all the others lose

& all your friends they say, that you are bad with names

you took it from the poor
you didn’t ask, you didn’t care
who is the last in line
all that matters are shares

you should prepare yourself, they won’t forget your name

we’ll be waiting there
in the shadows where
you will lose it all
you’re not the lucky one
that will be overseen
we will remember you
we’re waiting for the time
where you will shake in fear
and we will shout your name
Track Name: Lacking Hope
let the horse race begin
let the dogs catch the cats
I know it’s for a reason
that only the strong survive

tell me what has happened
that fear became my friend
I didn’t want to let them catch me
but my escape has found its end

they always say that you’ll come and put things right
they say that you will fill the world with light
but now as I sit here so numb and so tired
where are you now, where are you?

the power of the emperor
has risen again
we just don’t want to face it
we don’t want to know who’s there

I’m lacking hope

they say that it is all gonna be okay
no one is ever gonna feel some pain, again
I guess they’re wrong, it has hurt for so long
I can’t see it stop
Track Name: Dancer In The Park
hello and welcome to the park
you should have come before
everything started to fall apart
may I ask to check your chart
what's next on your list to fill
your pockets and play your part?
the world is in a crisis, indeed
not even god can save these idiots
from our greed

we are the dancers in the park
we are on the good side of the dark
as long as we see, we are not blind
with both our hands we cling to all
resources we can find

we don't need a gardener to grow
we need no rescue-plan, nor charity
or bank refund
so let us dance in our pride
a golden shower on our head as long
as we survive
what the hell did you expect?
a helping hand, a friend, a saviour
well that sounds perfect
the truth is there is no escape
we are the ones that hammered out
a plan for every threat
Track Name: Hypnotic
look into my eyes, here is my advice
there can only be one in this city
and you’re not the one

you’re not the one, who’s going to beat me
Track Name: In The Woods
I went into the forest to seek the truth
all I found was a thousand trees and no way out
now rip me up & drink my blood
all I've got is a broken clock
now rip me off, you already did
in the system you are living in

I saw your greedy eyes looking at us
I knew if you got our time, you got our souls
PANIC! we're hanging here
like strange fruits on fake trees
now rip us up, you already did
in the system we are living in
Track Name: There Are Trees
where did all the colours go?
do you know, do you know?
I wonder if I am blind
wandering around like
a man who doesn’t know, his destiny, destiny

there are trees
from time to time
there are trees
after a while
there are trees
waiting for me

in the end
I will see the truth
in the end
I will see the truth

how to make things stop?
this might be my last stay
turn your headlights on
leave me, and drive away

I don’t wanna be saved by you
I don’t wanna be saved right now
Track Name: At Dawn: We Betray The Liars
in a dark night, where all the lions sleep
and you feel the heat, the devils speak & the demons sing “hallelujah”
he’s broken, he played his cards wrong

on a bright day, where all the liars fail
and you hear it crackle, before the battle & you know you’ll win

blessed is the candle
that shines in the night
who’ll find saint wisdom – after our fight?
the sun has darkened the moon’s not giving light
the stars are falling from the sky
I see it burning, the letters, I see them burning
engraved after a while…saying:
glory to the king
Track Name: Let The Clowns Moan
I was lost
I was forgotten
I was a stranger
I was living in the streets

you were the princess
you were the queen
you were the beauty
you knew how to win

if I ever gonna find an answer
you, my girl, are the trigger
you, my girl, are the reason

they vetoed
they always do
they say it’s dangerous
to act as we do

see how the stars burn bright, I lit them up for you
see how the clowns moan, they thought they could part us too
Track Name: If That Is All That Love Is
you taught me how to breath
you told me how to live,
and everything in between
you told me not to take
you taught me how to give

one day on my knees
you remembered me, that love is
to love my enemies
but I can guarantee

if that is all that love is
I am not good enough for this

I found hope in you
I lost it there too
in the dark night
I couldn’t find your glory
Track Name: The King
here is what I learnt from life
it’s all about: strive and thrive
your stupid remarks won’t increase the polls
and all the promises you made, and all the things you said would change
have changed, but not as you thought

burn the culprit in a blazing cage

the stats didn’t go in your favour, lately
and you’re running short on time
don’t forget to carve that in your epitaph

burn the culprit in a blazing cage
curse his crown, no longer shall he reign

here he comes
his highness rules
we’ll follow him
until we burn him
at the stake

burn the culprit in a blazing cage
curse his crown, no longer shall he reign
throw him down in an ocean deep as night

don’t follow him, he’s not our king